Miss Ally In Concert

Just 2 months ago I bought Ally a certificate for piano lessons. Our local radio station hosts a monthly auction live and if you’re quick on the dial you can catch some really great deals. The certificate was for first-time students only and it was just $25. I knew she would love it. Plus, it was with her Middle School choir assistant, Mrs. Stormes and she loves her.

After her third lesson (they only last 30 min) she excitedly hopped in the car announcing that she would be having a recital in October. Huh? What? Already? I didn’t realize she was a prodigy on the piano….and really she’s not. But she assured me she would be ready. Even though we only have an ancient keyboard for her to practice on.

Then hurricane Ike passed through our dear town of North Vernon (YES way up in Indiana) and wiped us all out for a week. Causing every home in our county to lose electricity. So she missed practice that week. But she was able to go last week and put her final touches on her music choices. Her performance was awesome! We are so proud! Way to go Ally!

Here is our Miss Ally…..LIVE and IN CONCERT!

Song 1–Soon I Will Be Halloween
Song 2–Down The Haunted Staircase
Son 3–Halloween Night


Ally’s Fall Recital 08

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