My Girl! Ally

Ally….needing a little red eye work!  So purty!

Lauren, Ally & Allison!  (Allison is Gavin’s girlfriend…..yes, I said GIRLFRIEND!)

Leah & Ally…..Look out on the roads, friends!

Laura & Ally….posing in straight hair!


Nobody can tell you how much you’ll love someone that you’ve given birth to.  I think it’s because there aren’t words to adequately describe it.  Your heart takes over and the love is like a raging storm.  It’s powerful!  My love for Ally is like that.  She’s so like me but then she’s so different.  I often say she is most similar to her dad in personality.  Both of them think the world hates them and feel everyone’s staring at them….cause they look dorky!  Crazy huh?

She came in the world two years and nine months after Gavin (March 17, 1993) and eighteen months before Gates and we couldn’t have been more excited.  Her dad was thrilled… much so, that he went out shopping for her.  He came back with pink stuff….binkies and clothes!  She had to have girl stuff.  He didn’t want any girl of his looking the slightest bit boyish.  She was a beautiful baby!  We fell in love with her…..and are so glad God picked us to be her mama & daddy.

I’m watching her grow up pretty fast these days.  She’s going and doing things that teenagers do.  Ballgames, girlfriends, shopping, church activities and giggling about boys.  Oh I remember those days.  The one’s where your parents were real goofy and weird….oh and not so smart either.  Oh yea, that’s where we are these days.  I wish I could tell her that someday she’ll look back and see things much differently.  I know I do.  She’ll see that the things that she worried about were not such big deals too.  But you can’t tell them that stuff….it just sounds so “parent-y”!

It’s tough being a teenager.  You’re stuck!  Not old enough to do your own thing and support yourself but too young to slide by without any responsibilities.  Those growing pains hurt too.  Friendships are vital!  Teenagers have the capacity to take little things way too seriously.  Like, friend drama and criticisms.  Both can be devastating to a teen.  Especially sensitive teens.  As a mom, I want to be a good listener and a trusted confidante to my kids.  I pray they know they can always come to me and hear wisdom that I’ve prayed over.  I hope to always guide them to the cross no matter what.

I don’t know why I blogged about Ally tonight.  She’s just who I was thinking of.  She moped through dinner and wouldn’t eat what I set out.  Did I mention her strong will?  She opted for brownies and chocolate icecream for her meal.  Mmm de-lish!  She is a chocoholic (another way we are alike) afterall.  I get it when you’re just out of sorts.  We girls are like that…..we just need to do our own thing.  So eating a meal of chocolate is cool.

So, to my sweet little middle child that’s growing up and turning into the sweetest young lady…..I love you!  I pray that you are growing into just who God designed you to be.  I thank Him for allowing me to be your mom!  I feel so blessed that you’re mine.  BIG KISS & BIG HUGS!

Matt. 7:7 “Keep asking and it will be given to you.  Keep searching and you will find.  Keep knocking and the door will be opened to you”.

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