A Contest @ Ministry So Fabulous!

This is one sweet chicky! She has a fabulous ministry to girls grades 3 through 12 called Starlite. If you click over to her blog and read up a bit, I’m sure you will find something that will bless your heart.

I’m always excited to find neat ministries out there that are beating the streets and making an impact on this world. This is one of those ministries. God bless her and that passion to follow You Lord wherever you lead. I am a person that someone did a little investing in during my formative years. I will forever be grateful to the one’s who obeyed Christ for my sake.

Go check out Ministry So Fabulous and Starlite. You’ll be glad you did. Oh and did I mention you can sign up to win a Starbucks giftcard? Uhuh! Oh yea, that’s right! Bring on the latte, baby!

Link up here for the contest!

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