It’s a Giveaway!

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I’m so excited to participate in this Bloggy Carnival giveaway!! I’m really just a newbie on the blog scene and I have longed to do a giveaway like those who have gone before me. I have been so inspired by the other bloggers out there. You people are amazing! So many of you are living your lives transparent for all to see and doing it with some serious grace, ya’ll! Thank you for sharing yourselves in your blog and for pointing your readers to the Lord Jesus. I so love that!

Now on to the real reason you’re here……..WHAT ON EARTH AM I GIVING AWAY????? Well, I’m giving away something that I needed for myself and couldn’t find at a store. A camera case for my little digital camera. I wanted something pretty and simple that I could stick in my purse or hold on my arm (and still look cute). So, I just went out and bought material….came home and whipped up my own creation of a camera bag! Crazy huh? Well, if you knew me…’d agree….CRAZY to the shizzle! I am not a seamstress! I am a mean hot glue-er’er…..and there’s nothing I won’t try to hot glue if needed. I did sew in this case. Remember this is “homemade”, people!

I don’t know what your needs are…but if you would like to win this weird little prize. Please leave me a comment and tell me……1) Do you have a camera? 2) Do you march to the beat of your own drum and do things your way……or the way the world says? (Not a trick question…..I’m just wondering if you’re like me and not willing to go with what is out there when what you want is something different than that?!?). Oh, and I have 3 of these babies to send out in the world. Contest runs October 27th-November2nd. Three lucky winners will be randomly selected. If you’re not a blogger, please don’t forget to leave an email address.

Oh and good luck! Thank you for stopping by my blog……I hope you’ll come back!

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