Why Am I So Anal?

Just tell me?  Why?  What is the deal?  I wanna be laid back!  I want stuff to just roll off my back, dang it!  I’m a total control freak!  I’m also bossy and pushy!  It has to be that first-born curse thingy!  I’m so hopped up on my own adrenaline…..I can’t chill-ax!  That has to be dangerous!

I know the old saying…..Let go, let God!  I do that for most part…..but on some things..I get all stressed out and frazzled!  Knowing the whole time, I should just let it rest and trust God.  Lord, I am your weak child.  I’m sorry!  Help me relax!

There are some things that really get me wound up more so than others.  My kids!  Recently, I read a little article linked from the famous Boomama blog called “Trophy Kids”. The article was great and pretty informational.  Employers are dealing with our trophy kids….the ones who’ve had everything pretty much handed to them.  You know, the ones who expect stuff and privileges as their God-given right?!!  Oh don’t act like you haven’t set your kid up just a little for this one.  We’ve all done it somehow.

What about forgotten homework?  Have you ever driven that up to the school….in order to keep Jr. from getting a zero?  Or what about paying for A’s?  Ever done that one?  We’re too poor for that one, but we would have if we could have!  I’m guilty!  Every little helicopter parenting move we have made in our kids life….unfortunately will stand the chance of molding them into people who expect things to go their way.

Do you remember consequences?  I do.  I had jobs to do NO MATTER WHAT ELSE WAS GOING ON IN MY LIFE!!  I still had to complete those jobs before my parents let me go anywhere, game or no game!  We don’t hold our kids to the same fire these days.  I’m so wishy-washy on..”Oh he has a game, he can’t get to that right now!” excuses.  I either end up doing the job for the kid or it goes undone for who knows how long.  More guilt!  That’s not to say that there are times when something needs to be shifted around on the to do list.  But I should be holding my kids accountable for the responsibilities they have within my family.  I’m sending the wrong message when I don’t.

I’ve had a crazy day today.  Remember I work with teenagers (HIGH SCHOOL TEENS!!).  It was cooking day in the classes I taught.  You cannot even begin to understand how young adults DO NOT LISTEN OR FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!!!!  On simple instructions!  No common sense!  We were cooking brownies, ya’ll.  Not making our own yeast rolls.  Brownies, from a box!  Come on!  It was a real eye opener.  I made a comittment to myself right then and there…..I’m cutting my kids off the apron strings!  They are going to be responsible people when they leave my house or else!

I’m on a mission!  I have worked my whole momhood with a few serious goals in mind.  One, I’ve prayed that my children would accept and follow Jesus Christ.  Check, got that one!  Two, I’ve also been praying over their purity and for their future spouse’s purity (and the parents raising them).  All’s pure at this darling teen age.  Three,  I’ve taught and prayed over their education and choices for their future.  No one’s quit school and started hanging out at the pool hall thus far!  Lastly,  I’ve worked hard training them to be productive, responsible, smart, trustworthy, hard-working contributing citizens of our world.  Why? Because the children really are our future!  Can I get an amen in here?

Well, as you can see……..I’ve got stuff to do.  My job is not finished…these people are still living here and God has put me in charge of them.  I have to get busy teaching them to be responsible and productive.  Oh and how to make brownies!  Then, I’ve got to relax!

Maybe I’ll ask for a massage appointment for Christmas??!!!   Naaaah, I’d rather have a Wii!

Matt. 11:28 “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

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