The Baby Star!

With all the hoopla over those older two teeny boppers. I am proud to announce the baby of the family has hit the show scene with her first choir concert of the school year. Woohoo, go Miss Gates! Her director is fresh out of college and in her first year of teaching… let’s just say, her energy is amazing! She’s creative and talented like nobody’s business. Last night’s show proved to the standing room only crowd (they ran out of seating way before the concert even began!) that Mrs. Thompson can “bring it”! It was THE BEST choir show I’ve attended at that school in the five years I’ve had a child perform there. BRAVO!

Una Voce (Gates show choir group) performed the opening number, THRILLER! It was fantastic! They even had the choreography down……pat! Each student had on dark clothing with white painted faces (you know the Halloween theme and all). Everyone looked the same. Except you can’t hide a Galloway girl thanks to their wild hair. I had a little mix-up at first. Another girl had curled her hair and looked a little bit like Gates….me old eyes had to adjust a little, why with the fog machine blowing in all that fake smoke….I was having to blink and look again! They were incredible! Way to go, Una Voce (One voice in Italian)!

Gates had a little solo moment while singing with Una Voce, the song Transylvania Mania. I have a quick picture of her at the microphone. She was there and gone in a flash! But she sounded great. The Ballad of Sweeney Todd was another amazing song choice. These kids sounded much more mature than 8th grade. I’m telling you… was an impressive night.

As a mama, I can’t be more proud of my kids. This night belonged to Gates! You really are a cool kid, Miss Gates. We love you and are so proud of you. It’s not always easy to follow behind two really awesome siblings….but you do it very well. God bless you for paving your own way in this world and pointing those around you to Jesus. Wow! You’re awesome girl! 🙂

At the end of the concert….guess who came in to swoop up the crowd with their mad skillz? Yep, Touch of Class (Gavin’s hot-shot group from the high school). They were dressed thug/gangsta and performed, IM’MA SHINE! It was great! These kids…..all of them…rocked the house. This was really my favorite choir show yet. I have a few clips. I hope they give a little taste of the energy that was in the room. Enjoy!

Gates is in the middle on the front row. Somebody call a doctor!

Gates Fall Show from Wanda Galloway on Vimeo.

Gavin is the dude in the white hoodie on back row. For realz!

Gavin’s Hip-hop (Touch of Class) from Wanda Galloway on Vimeo.

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