Blog Hijack by the Hubby!

I just wanted to post a note, while my wife is sleeping, to all of you out there who take the time to visit her blog. I want to thank you for spending some of your valuable time reading her musings. I have been encouraging her to do this for quite some time. However, my vision of her sending her wonderful, biblically inspired insights out into the blog-o-sphere did not include some of the more embarrassing aspects of my new-found peanut allergies! I guess if my desire was for her to share her heart, I should be glad that I am an important part of that heart! (I just wish she had not included pictures!) To hear her excited recitations of the comments so many of you have posted has made it all worth while. It is a joy to know that others can be blessed by sharing in who God has created my wife to be. I love and cherish her and look forward to her being used by God in ways that only He knows.

I ask you all to pray for her. She is very often in pain from various health issues she faces. (No, I am not talking about the pain in her neck that goes by the name Don.) Her right arm was aching tonight and I could feel some of the swollen spots that are a sign her fibromyalgia is acting up. Then again it could be her over use of her “mouse arm” during that Bloggy Giveaway comment fest!

Thanks again for coming here and reading the current thoughts running through my wife’s mind, and about the exciting life we lead trying our best to stay smack-dab in the center of God’s will! In spite of our failing in that endevor we all know we have been blessed beyond measure by a wonderful God!


PS: Look for more of Wanda’s devotional writing that is soon to be posted in a seperate section of the blog.  The link will be in the sidebar in the near future. (As soon as I remember to get them posted correctly!)

(Love Ya, Honey!)

Taken by Her Husband

You Are Even More Beautiful on the Inside!

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