Honey…You so sweet!

Really, you are!  Thanks for hijacking my blog….AGAIN!!  That was nice of you to blab to the world my weaknesses!  Don’t you know I want the world to think I’M SUPERGIRL?  Dude, really!  Ahhh I forgive you!  I’ll blame it on the crazy allergies you’ve been having! 

You know on Sunday when I told you Pastor Bob’s challenge…..you didn’t have to go all “hogwild” on me.  The last few days have been superb…..meaning…YOU DA MAN!  Thanks for finding MANY ways to show me your love.  I have really felt it!  You’ve gone above and beyond the call to do so.  I am seriously crazy about you.  So…..here’s a little recap of the sweet things you’ve done for me (the stuff that speaks LOVE to me) since then.

Monday–when you came home from work you slipped a little surprise in my dinner chair.  When we sat down to eat, I pulled out my chair to find a kickin STARBUCKS giftcard with my name on it!  Oh yea!  I can go get my frappi on, thanks to you…Mr. Creative!  I think you know I spent hours on the Bloggy giveaway signing up on blog after blog…..just wanting to win one.  Bless your heart, you really do love me…don’t you?

Tuesday–oh the sadness of election day!  I was so exhausted from it all and I was hurting like mad all day with that stinking supergirl disease…that I went on to bed.  You came in and rubbed that aching arm while keeping an eye on the poll results on FoxNews.  Then went in and hijacked my blog…..sharing with everybody how you love me and how they should too.  Now that’s confidence in someone…that you would invite the rest of the world to love me too.  Gosh, I love you!  I feel the same about you.  You are well worth spending time with.  Hint:  remember one of my love languages is quality time?!

Wednesday–this is a crazy good one!  If anybody reads this wacky blog o’ mine…you know I have been searching for my face soap in the stores for months.  Everyone has stopped carrying it.  Phisoderm was created just for me.  I love it.  I’ve tried everything else while waiting for someone to have it again.  I despise them all.  Blak!  But tonight, before you left for church….you handed me a folded up paper.  I opened it up to see that you had ordered me 4 bottles of the most wonderful face soap in the world!  You went online and searched for it…..not only did you find it….but you were able to get 2 free bottles!  Major score!

So, see.  I really think you’ve gone “hogwild” with showing me love.  You are on your game….and I want to say THANK YOU!  I hope you know every little thing has made my heart go pitter-patter!

 I   L O V E  Y O U !!

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