Don’t call me old…just cause I went to Curves!

I know…..everyone loves to make fun of Curves!  I’ve heard it over and over.  Curves is where the old ladies work-out exercise at 5am.  Alright, first things first.  I do NOT work out at ungodly hours of the day.  Yes, 5am qualifies as ungodly to me.  So I guess you could say….that time slot was decided by some old lady somewhere (cause they like to get up early….you know to milk the chickens and fry the eggs for breakfast).  I am still horizontal in the most fabulous sheets known to man and atop the world’s greatest mattress…..snoozing at 5am!  Where I belong, ya’ll!

Miss Gates announced to me last week that we had to go to Jazzercize with Mrs. Thompson on Thursday nights.  It was very important and she was counting on us.  Well, I forgot!  On Friday, a co-worker mentioned to me that I wasn’t at Jazzercize…..they had lots of fun….so don’t forget to come next time.  Got it!  Definitely plan to go next time. 

Tonight….was next time.  We went and busted a move at Curves.  It was a great work-out and actually had me huffin & puffin!  Oh and yes…there was some burning and stinging too.  This body is 42 years old, really!  The one move that put me in a bit of a tizzy was called “attitude”.  Hrmph, you know that one had to be created just for me.  Well, by the time we were halfway through the song while doing “attitude’s”, my legs felt like they had concrete in them.  I could barely lift them.  I’m not even kiddin ya’ll!  Burn baby burn!

I will forever defend the name of Curves!  Don’t nobody call Curves the old lady place when I’m around.  It’ll be a throw-down!  If you are someone like me (a little out of shape) it’s a great place to do your thang and get in shape.  I really had a great time and the other ladies were terrific fun.  Chelsey (Mrs. T) led the group and we worked cardio as well as abdominals…..all to some sweet tunes.  I told you she was awesome!

Thanks Chelsey & Cathy.  I really liked the class and I hope to make it a regular deal.  Just don’t count on my showing up after I milk the chickens and fry the eggs.  I won’t be able to make it then, I have a previous engagement at that time.  Called SLEEP! 

Curves Rocks!

 Here’s the class!  See, we’re not old!

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