How To Know

I’ve been around the block a time or fifty. I’ve experienced some nutty stuff. Much of it brought on by my own foolishness. Afterall, I am just a sinner. But lately I’ve been thinking about the enemy and his schemes to pull me away from my Lord. He’s pathetic! He’s slimey! He’s out to devour all that’s good for you and me. So, I’d like to share my take on ways the enemy strikes. Are you ready for this? Be aware….you may see something here that is familiar to you. I know there are for me.

  • When you feel tempted to do something that you know is wrong…..
  • When you doubt God’s word…..
  • When you justify a wrong-doing or evil thoughts…..
  • When you drift from spiritual things; Bible, devotion/prayer time, tithe/giving, Holy living…..
  • When you are struggling, angry, depressed, frustrated and overwhelmed……
  • When you have unforgiveness……or blame God for your circumstances…
  • When you hear “voices” that are unhealthy (by voices, I mean…your brain keeps running)…..
  • When you do or say things that are irrational……

Satan is on the prowl in believer’s lives. So often we overlook him. I see in my own life connections to these issues at some time or another.  In each instance, I realize that I am off kilter in some way spiritually.  Maybe I’m not reading my Bible regularly or missing meeting with fellow believer’s (Heb. 10:25).  Whatever it may be…satan is aware and pounces.

Paul says, “Be strong in the LORD!”.  The strongest we are as christians is at the moment of attack!  We have an opportunity to decide right then……will I stand firm or fall into his trap?  Paul also says, “Put on the whole armour of God!”.  For you and me….we must be fully clothed in HIS armour.  Many times I get up and get rolling in the morning and realize on my way to school…..oops!  I haven’t even said Hello, God!  I need to connect with Him.  I want Him blanketing me and my life.  I can’t do it without Him.  So…for me, I must slow down.

Part of being able to know when satan is attacking is being able to see when your life is spiralling.  For me, if I get overwhelmed….it’s almost a sure thing…satan is after me.  He knows my weaknesses and he certainly wants to mess me up.  But lucky for me….my Heavenly Father knows me even more and He’s always there covering me.  Psalm 119:160 “All your words are true; all your righteous laws are eternal”.  Psalm 20:7  “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God”.   I know without a shadow who I can trust.  My King!

Lord,  Help me to see clearly when the enemy is striking against me.  Show me when I’m weak and vulnerable to him.  Through your Holy power make me strong!  Let my love for you overwhelm this wicked enemy and make him turn and run.  Fill me with your goodness….and let me spill onto those I love and those around me on a daily basis.  You are who I trust….you are who I will obey!    Amen.

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