Hit the road Jack!

Bright and early…….ok….dark and early, Ally has to be at school packed and ready to go on a Student Council field trip.  She along with five or so fellow classmates and one brave sponsor/teacher will pull out at 5:30am (that is so against Jesus) and travel on down the highway to Richmond Indiana for a weekend of activities.  Each student will be staying with host families that have graciously offered their home to the visiting guests.  So, I guess you could say….my kid is going to be an exchange student this weekend.

They will be pretty busy from what I can tell from their itinerary.  The activities will range from team building to plain old fun stuff.  Luckily for Ally, she has a thing for fun stuff.  She is Miss Prankster!  She gets it honest, her dad likes to play tricks too.  Once when we were preparing for an open house Christmas event at our house….she booby-trapped a cabinet in our bathroom with golf balls.  I’ll never forget how she giggled and prayed that “someone” would take a little sneakypoo in that cabinet and boom…..have noisy golf balls fallout everywhere for the whole party to hear.  What a plan!  She was so excited!  She waited nearby in her room (across from that bathroom) hoping some sucker would fall in her trap.

I’ll miss her!  Our house will be a bit lonely without her or her friends hanging out.  But she will be off seeing the world and loving every minute of it.  Well, maybe not that 4:30am wake-up call….she’s not a morning person (DUH! we’re a pathetic bunch at my house!).  Say a little prayer for her and her group.  Mrs. McGuire is going to be driving in some pretty crummy weather…it’s raining and yucky here this weekend.  It’s never easy driving someplace that you are not familiar with, not to mention with a group of other people’s kids along.  She’ll need those prayers, ya’ll.

Stay tuned….some time during this weekend I hope to post about the Lynne Spears book I just finished reading.  Until then, enjoy this November weekend….they are flying by.

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