How to make Christmas special

I’ve found so many neat ideas for Christmas giving this year. No, not the “pass out the goodies” and spoil all those I love dearly kind. The real giving kind, the give from your heart to a needy cause kind. I thought tonight would be a great time to share a few. If you haven’t found something great to do as a family yet, you might consider one of these amazing ideas.

Sew Much Comfort — This is an amazing ministry. I’ve never even thought about what our troops do to get clothes on after being injured. Many of these folks have prosthetics or casts that clothing will not fit over. Custom made clothes……that’s just brilliant! WoW!

Holiday Mail for Heroes –This is another terrific idea out there to send Christmas love to our troops. It’s so easy to do, too. All you have to do is make out one or two extra Christmas cards when you are filling out your usual list this year. Be sure to follow the instructions. I think it’s exciting to bless like this.

Dear Army Family — This has to touch your heart. This sweet military wife knows what families are going through during this season. How hard would it be to send love and encouragement to the families left behind while their loved one is serving far away? Not hard at all, right? Then check this out. It could be so much fun! Surprise them…..

Soles 4 Souls — Oh my goodness! This is incredible! I am loving this fabulous idea. Recently, I bought my favorite son new tennis shoes (they cost around $80) and I cringed at the thought of paying that. He’s worth every penny….but thinking more clearly about it….that could have put 32 pairs of shoes on sweet little feet far far away from me. This is precious…..and so blasted easy! Hurry, there’s only 35 days left.

The Mother Letter Project — Somewhere out there is a mother that is going to be blown away by a gift her husband dreamed up….and you get to help make it come true! If you are a mother (and I’m betting you are if you’re reading my blog!) then you can share your wise knowledge and sweet words this Christmas to a very unsuspecting mom.

Impact For Life — One of my favorite bloggers, Suzie Eller (a fabulous Christian author) wants to bless this ministry at a discounted cost with some of her incredible books. This is a ministry to help mother’s who’ve been in trouble and are trying to parent their innocent children. Go read what Suzie has to say (Nov 15th) and then you can click on IFL’s blog too. What a priceless way to help change a child’s future forever.

I wish I could say that my family is immune to the “all about me” syndrome. Each year we spend way too much time making out wish lists for Christmas. Usually they’re filled with expensive items that really won’t mean very much in just a short period of time. This year seems a little different. No one has made out a list or asked for something dreamy to be waiting for them under the tree. Honestly, it’s just been one of those years. We’ve realized some valuable things… having a home is more important than living in our cars. Blame it on four long months of unemployment. Either way, we feel blessed! We recognize that all we have is from God and He has chosen to bless us immeasurably!
Let’s look outward this year instead of inward. I hope you are inspired to do something incredible as a family this year!

Acts 10:34b-35 “God does not show favoritism but accepts men from every nation who fear Him and do what is right.”

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