What would it be like?

Music is my thing. It’s indescribable! It fills me up. I crave it! I would go crazy without it. I don’t know if it’s because of the “worship” aspect or if I’m just someone who loves music. Either way….I find great satisfaction in music. My heart seems to swell up and I can’t control myself. Yes, I get into my music. I love it that much! I love my Lord that much! I feel Him when I sing and I picture Him when I sing. It weakens my flesh and strengthens my faith. This feeling, this love….my children have it too. That makes me so happy my heart sings!

I woke up this week to my Klove station blaring out the greatest song by Big Daddy Weave. It’s called What Life Would Be Like and if you haven’t heard it, you must! Songs have a way of speaking to me…maybe they do to you as well. Words are the ultimate way of expression. The simple truth…..they reveal our hearts. My heart wants so badly to honor God. But I say the stupidest things sometimes (and I write them down too) and realize later how foolish it was. In the song there is a line that just blows me away. “I wonder what life would be like if we let Jesus live through you and me?”.
I’ll leave you with that thought and this video of the song.

God, make me more like you. Fill me up, with you. Help me to see, like you. Show me how to love, like you. I wanna live, like you.

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