Winning isn’t everything! Or is it?

My luck seems to be “in the house”! Since coming into the blogosphere back in the summer, I have been a winning machine! Maybe it has to do with the amount of contests out there. There are a gazillion of them….and there are some kickin sweet prizes! At this point, I have won like 11 different prizes. Can you believe that? My kids have told me to please play the lotto!

I’ll have to pass on that one. My luck…I’d probably win and then be one of those people on tv crying because I lost it all due to craziness. Not appealing… the slightest! Plus, WWJD? I’m sure not play the lotto!

Here’s a little run-down of my loot! I have to say another big THANK YOU to all the contest holder’s out there that have contributed to my winning happiness. I am not normally a WINNER! But thanks to you, I am now. God bless you guys….and your fabulous giveaways. I am totally inspired to keep coming back to your blogs….and to keep on entering contests. Oh..and inspired to give some fun stuff away myself. Woohoo!


Carolina Mama


Sheri S

Miriam P




Tim King



These are the peeps that picked me to win their contests! Go see em! They’re real nice folks!

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