I Know

I know what it’s like to “know it all”! I was a teenager too. Way back when. I thought for sure my parents were stupid. Afterall, they tried every way possible to sabotage all my teenage happiness. I remember saying……”One of these days……I’m outta here!”. I thought I knew everything I needed and what it would take to get it. I also thought I knew what mattered to me most. Mostly, myself!

Lately, I’ve thought aliens had come to visit and taken over my Ally’s body. She’s not the same. She seems miserable to be my child and acts like I’m stupid or something. Some days I think….she doesn’t even like me. Everything I do embarrasses her…she even told me to get a new hair-do. I haven’t seen too many smiles in the last few months. It makes me sad, because I know something she doesn’t know. Time flies by and you can’t get it back.

I just want her to know how much I love her. I only want the best for her in everyway. I would do anything for her (within boundaries….no compromising with my obedience to Christ) and I pray that she understands that someday soon. If we could see ahead……I think we would do things much differently. But that’s not possible! My prayer for Ally is that she would know her worth and value in Christ and live her life with joy and satisfaction. Maybe even once in a while…throw her mama a bone and smile at her. I hope you like your new hair color Ally…..I love you! Mama! 😉

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