Random acts of kindness, ya’ll!

I say that like I have some fabulous good samaritan news to share. I don’t! But I have stumbled upon some of the greatest contests going on out in the blogosphere. I have to share them. You deserve to try to win just like me. So, for that….I’m being kind, randomly. You don’t even have to go out hunting for them, I’m posting here so you can just clink on the link and voila!

Be sure to follow that particular blogger’s rules to win. I think everyone could use a little shopping boost this time of year. Felice Navidad, friends!

Walmart’s Elevenmoms–You’ve got to go check these blogs out. Each of them should be hosting the $500 Walmart giftcard contest. You may have to look around a bit. Even though you can only win once….isn’t that enough? WOW!

To Think Is To Create–win baby! Who doesn’t need Christmas money? Go check her out!

Green Your Decor–again, you can register to win at this very savvy blog. Her green tips are fabulous! Leave her some of your green tips and you might be a winner.

Looking for a cute lunch bag–this blogger has the cutest giveaways. Perfect for work or school. These fancy lunch bags are all the rage. Go see! What a great blog!

Deal Seeking Mom–another giftcard for Walmart. This time it’s for $100.00! I’m telling ya….if you need to do some shopping! This is a great way to do it. With free money! Hurry though, this contest ends tonight at 11:59 (Dec 1).

Thrifty Jinxy–is a blog with lots of prizes to offer. I chose this handy dandy men’s razor. But you can look around and see if there’s something special with your name on it.

For the purse lover in you. Go check out this blog. She’s giving away a couple great items…but I’m really loving the Reclaiming Amy bag. Oooooo I’m just so excited!

Oh ya’ll! SITS blogger gals…..are kabooming with a giveaway starting in the morning (Dec 2). Do NOT miss it. Go…..you will have a chance to play every hour if you want to. I’m really sweet on Tarshay! So I could do some major shopping in that fine store with a $200.00 Target giftcard. Woohoo!

For little ole me….this is the motherload of prizes right here. I am DREAMING of winning this badboy!
Go…..see …….be amazed! Love this lady! Enough to kiss her if I win! Have I mentioned I wanted a Wii yet?

I’ve been seeing these fayncee shoes all over the place. But now…..BooMama is in on the giving and she’s blessing her reader’s with a chance to win a pair of Keen shoes. Yes, it’s a very nice prize. Oh yes it is!

This cool contest lasts for 12 days (Dec. 1-12). I tried and tried last year to win an ipod. Everyday, Focus on the Family will give away 3 ipods to some lucky winners.

Look, I can’t go everywhere….but these should keep you busy and even get you all excited that it’s Christmas time. Just think…..you could win something. Oh…by the way, there are so many blogs out there, my little prize list…isn’t even touching the surface.
So….go….have fun….dream big! I hope you win!

CONGRATULATIONS….Marilyn! I’m proud of you! Isn’t that exciting!?

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