Pacers Vs. Lakers

We wanted to take Gavin and Allison somewhere fun. So, when I heard the radio auction announce they had tickets for the Pacer’s games….I pounced! Even cooler was the fact that they had tickets to the Laker’s night. We don’t get out much! 🙂

Allison is a basketball player for South Decatur High School and so we were sure she would like a trip like this. Some girls….not so much. But for Allison, it was great! Which is way cool with us. We have been excitedly awaiting for Dec. 2 @7:00pm. All the way to Indy on a Tuesday night is not the most responsible parent thing to do. But hey, these are two 18 year old seniors….not 5th graders! They can handle missing a little shut-eye. By the looks on their happy faces….I think it was worth it.

The Pacer’s beat the Laker’s 119-118 in the very last second of the game. It was wild! We would love to go do this again. Next time, Don and I may actually join them. Thank you guys for being such good sports about the evening. It’s wonderful having kids who “get it”! Life is precious!

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