Planned Parenthood is wacked!

Every day I walk upon this earth……I find myself more amazed at the depravity of this crazy world. I read on Dr. Mohler’s blog (Death by Gift Certificate)this week about the latest brilliant happening from our Planned Parenthood of Indiana program. It seems these helpful and caring people are giving out gift certificates for services ranging from basic health screenings to birth control to abortions. Oh….how thoughtful, don’t you think?

WHAT? Are you kidding me? I am appalled! I should no better. These people are the largest provider in our nation for abortions. Why should this be so shocking? Still, what in the world?! The state of Indiana’s health commissioner refers to the gift certificates as “really a meaningful gift”! Huh? Are you crazy? I have to agree with the good Dr. Mohler on this one……meaningful for whom? It’s total hogwash, people! Keep your ears peeled for this one. It’s been blasted over the Fox News waves, so you may have already heard this little gem. We have work praying to do!

We see clearly that your word values life. You the one who created everything… it breaks our hearts to hear such nonsense. I can only imagine what you must feel. I’m so sorry God that many in our world do not place any value on the unborn. Help us as we stand for what is right and fight for those that have no voice. Stop the madness of abortion and the freedom to make getting one so easy. We need you, O Lord……we cannot win without you.
Help us….in your name, Jesus.

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