Pastor Bob preached on angels today. It was really good. I’m a big believer in angels. I have them around my house (no, not in shrine fashion!)…. I just love them. At lunch, Ally really wanted to discuss the sermon. So she did what any curious 15 year old does…..”Dad, do we believe in angels?”. Funny how she needed help knowing what she believes, huh?
She’s hilarious!

No offense, Pastor Bob. I think what she may have been thinking is….”Does Pastor Bob know what he’s talking about?”. Poor PK’s. They don’t ever want to get theologically sidetracked. 🙂
Still, we laughed at her question and reassured her. Yes! We do believe in angels. And, no it’s not weird to talk about or acknowledge them. Then we discussed the scriptures that were mentioned in the service and other’s that we could recall that pointed to God creating angels. Ahh, she felt comfortable then. Poor kid, hasn’t she seen enough angel stuff around her house? Does she think I’m theologically OUT THERE?

We spent the afternoon putting a little Christmas up around our house. We aren’t going to be home for Christmas this year….and really, we didn’t want to go all out decorating. It’s just not us to have a plain house at Christmas though. So, we dug out boxes and strung some lights (making a wreck of the whole house doing it). We decorated a smaller pine tree in our living room that stays up all year round and plan to just be simple this year. Then we found it……a gaudy fiber-optic angel! It was in a box in our storage room. I couldn’t remember why……..WHY WOULD I HAVE A TACKY FIBER-OPTIC ANGEL??? It’s just not theologically sound, ya’ll!

I plugged her in…..just to see what she would look like (I was feeling extra angellic from the morning’s sermon) and everyone of my teenager’s grumbled…….”No way, Mom!, That is NOT cool!”. I decided then, we had to do it. She must be placed in our family room, proudly! Don’t you agree? Since this is a little different year for us….we certainly need some fun Christmas cheer. What better way to do it than by having a funny angel decoration in your house? Everyone agreed, and now she is lovingly lighting up that spot in our home. I’m going to smile every time I see her. I hope the rest of my family does too.

I’m also going to remember the angels that God created and used in scripture to accomplish important tasks. Dear sweet Gabriel…..who visited old Zechariah at the altar. What amazing news he came bearing (so much so…that it boggled Zechariah’s mind). The angel of the Lord appearing to the shepherds in the fields….announcing the news of a Savior being born not too far away in the town of David. Time and again, I can think of angels. I’m sure there are angels among us today. I have a little story about my husband and an angel that I’ll have to share soon. It’s a cutey!

I hope God sends an angel your way to bless you this week. He can do it!

Hebrews 1:14 “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?”.

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