I have been the sickest I’ve been in a long time (last night and today). I ran out to Walmart yesterday after school for a few items that we needed and noticed a little stomach gurgle. Earlier in the day I had to pick up Ms. Gates due to a stomach ache and Ally had been complaining all weekend from stomach pains. At first, I just thought it was the slice of pizza that I had eaten for lunch. By the time I arrived back home…..I realized that I was in for some serious issues.

I quick like a bunny ran to the shower, thinking surely I would feel much better after that. NOPE! I really started feeling sick then. I did what any self-respecting lady would do……I fell into bed, praying to God that I was just needing a Rolaid! Tried that, by the way….and NO…that wasn’t it either. Before I could force my eyes to sleep…..I was making regular runs to the restroom. Sorry for the step by step. But you get the picture? I was up all night doing this. (remember, I didn’t eat anything but a slice of pizza all day) My entire body hurts. I’ve got permanent damage to my throat and nose from the you know what? I’m not a good thrower-upper! The only help that would come to my rescue? My baby, Gates! What an awesome nurse (and she felt so sick herself). She came home again today early and it’s a good thing. She kept me alive. I’m totally going to have to pull out a special Christmas gift for this little angel. God loves her and so do I. Thank you my precious girl!

When I could finally get out of my bed and not have to run straight down the hall to RR101, I came to see what was happening on the blog world. Oh the strength it takes to sit at the computer! I’m only here for a sec. I just wanted to share that some sweet bloggy gal chose me to give an award to. Isn’t that awesome? I am so honored. I feel so rotten and excited at the same time. God is so creative in how he blesses, isn’t he? Thank you to Ms. Bethany……I am a grateful recipient of your award. P.S. It’s my first one, too! Woohoo!

Now if you’ll pardon me…..I must go back to the wailing and nashing of teeth flu! Pray for me…..I have to get well soon. Oh and check out this cute award.

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