Yes, I know…..I’ve posted and posted about these amazing children I have. But you see, it’s Christmas and this is the season that calls for parents to drop everything they are rushing around doing and go see them perform, again! So, in all honesty…if you are not a blood relative….as in, say a grandparent or an aunt or uncle. Consider yourself excused from sitting through more of my kid’s concert mania. Really.
Oh….we don’t mind….really. Nana & Poppy….Uncle Dean & Aunt Kyla….ENJOY! 🙂

One more thing. In the video of Gavin and the Jazz Band….he is sitting between the two trombone’s. Most of the video he is covered up by a black music stand. You will have to watch carefully for his dark hair. Sad, huh? I know, sorry! I did my best. I do love my Flip video though. It is so awesome!

Gavin Jazz Band Christmas Concert 08 from Wanda Galloway on Vimeo.

Ally Christmas Recital 08 from Wanda Galloway on Vimeo.

Gates JCMS Christmas Concert 08 from Wanda Galloway on Vimeo.

I’m so proud of you guys. You really know how to spread around the Merry Christmas!

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