I Did It!

Listen, before you get all high and mighty……don’t! I can’t help it that I’m the last person on this earth to get a spot on Facebook! I’m a bit of a ninkumpoop (see, I can’t even spell simple words) when it comes to computer savvy-ness!
If you only knew how long it took me to figure out this blog world stuff(I am still learning!!)……geez! I am a true miracle blogger. I’m serious!

My teenagers live for the chance to be on their Facebook page. Matter of fact, we have squabbled over whose turn it is on the computer for months (since I started blogging). I even posted about their obsession with it. I just had no idea what could be so exciting about Facebook. Until now. I have actually touched base with all kinds of old friends. People I haven’t heard from or seen in yeeeeeeeears. This thing is magic, ya’ll! I heart you Facebook!

What held me back? I don’t know. Maybe it was intimidation of navigating my way around on it. It’s actually pretty simple, what is wrong with me? Getting old can be scary. I guess I’m still ok…..it’s not like the kids will be taking my driver’s license away in the next little bit. I’ve got time to do some other wild and crazy things. Maybe I should check on taking that trek up Kilimanjaro afterall. 🙂

Oh, I kid! Facebook isn’t anything like climbing the world’s highest walkable mountain. Heehee.
If you are one of the brave many…. look me up, I’ll add you to my friend list. 🙂 In the meantime, I gotta go…..I need to write on someone’s wall.

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