Braces Make Beautiful Faces


Guess who is sporting a new sparkle in her mouth? Miss Gates! Finally! She has been so patient. It’s been a long time coming. She actually went in last year during November for her initial exam appointment. Only we didn’t have the $1600 to get her started right then. So she had to wait. Then, things really went downhill. Hubby and the no job thing! Yea…that’ll keep you from getting luxuries….like braces!

Ahhh no need to sound bitter. We’re just so excited for Gates. Gates is thrilled (even with all the scratches and holes in her cheeks) she is so proud. I remember when I was in her shoes. I had to wait much longer than 8th grade. I was out of school (19 years old) and had a job that provided me with dental insurance. That was the only way I could’ve done it. My parents didn’t have insurance back then. My dad always just paid out of pocket if we were sick and needed to go to the doctor. Let’s just say….we didn’t go much back then either. So for me, getting braces was like hitting the jackpot. My teeth were crazy. I understand how desperate Gates has felt. No one wants to look snaggle-toothed.

We have to thank Nana and Poppy for the gift. It couldn’t have happened without them. They were able to help with Gavin and Ally’s braces. Now….and I’m sure they’re glad this is the last one….it’s the baby’s turn. It won’t be long and this girl will be smiling one of those big beautiful Galloway smiles. 🙂 She deserves it! Congratulations, Miss Gates! What a pretty girl you are….take good care of your teeth. You may need them a long time…..look at Mamaw(98 years old)!

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