Redneck Moving

I don’t think I’ve misrepresented myself on here since the birth of my blog. I am total bumpkin! I am proud to be from the south. I think everything about my growing up years could be summed up in a few popular movies. Steel Magnolias, Sweet Home Alabama, Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood and other’s, I just can’t think straight right now. But you get the picture, right? We tend to be highly dramatic and totally consumed with ourSELVES and always think we know it all! Well, we do, really! 🙂 But enough about my heritage.

This week….I have travelled 18 hours to Florida (the real south, ya’ll) with my happy little family to help hubby’s parents move. We drove all night, arriving at 6:30am….almost time for the moving truck to pull into the driveway. Then, we packed and loaded…..and packed and loaded again. Repeat this here process a couple more times and there you have it. We moved them into a tiny house about 25 minutes away. The lack of sleep and showers made me a little nutty, but all was well. By that night we were all clean and able to fall into beds with real sheets and sleep like babies.

Can you believe it’s Christmas eve? It doesn’t even feel like Christmas to me. It’s hot down here and we haven’t done the traditional …. decorate every square inch of your house and property thing. Plus, presents! There aren’t any. Anywhere! We’ve just picked up a few things and given them out along the way. That’s totally not our normal style. We live for traditions….we bumpkins! Not this year though, it’s all new. I’m not sad…I actually like it. Change(think election talk) is good, right? Tonight we are going to my BIL’s church for a special Christmas eve service. We couldn’t do that if we were up in Indiana, slipping around on the ice. So, being with family this year is awesome. After all, we are celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and who better to do that with….than family?

If you happened to drive past as we were unloading one of our many loads…..we want you to know….we ain’t a bus stop for immigrants who’ve just arrived to the country with all their belongings. We’re just rednecks moving! Now keep rolling! We’ve got stuff to do. :0


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