The Journey Has Ended

We left here (Indiana) last Sunday in a bit of a whirlwind. We all had a million things to do and places to be right at the time of packing and leaving for our trip to Florida. Well, it’s all over. The packing, the going, the doing, and the reverse…..coming back home. We rolled in this morning (at around 3:30 am) after driving through the yuckiest weather ever from Nashville, TN all the rest of the way home. Poor Don, he had to keep it all on the road and force himself to stay awake! Kuddo’s to you Dad! Thanks for the safe arrival. We did sit in several traffic jams, one of which was a terrible fatality. So thank you, Lord and Don for a safe trip.

Oh….and upon our arrival into the neighborhood wouldn’t you know….the stormy wind is howling and debris is everywhere in the street. We see the POWER TRUCK! Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not just whining about this. We have a history with leaving and coming home to power outtages. It seems that we have had this happen a few other times as well. IT IS CRAZY! Not only is it freezing cold but the wind is blowing like we’re in downtown Chicago and we have NO ELECTRICITY!!! It’s 3:30am, people! We’re all dying tired and just want to drag in and fall into our beds! But we can’t see and it’s cold!

Another time this happened, we were dragging in at the wee hours in the morning (from Florida) and it was summertime. We actually spent a week without electricity (and it was H O T !!). Crazy Indiana weather! The funniest thing about this? Is how we were all a little miffed at the wacko weather down in Florida (at Christmas)….it was smokin hot! We’ve been gone a long time (from living in Florida) and not been home at Christmas….we had forgotten the heat. We have actually been snowed in for Christmas here in Indiana before. Oh but whose complaining? Either way, I like it. Visiting with family was great! It’s just a long hard trip and everyone’s glad to be home. 🙂 Home sweet home!

I’ve got a little picture-palooza to share. We crammed a lot of fun into one quick week. So enjoy. Gander around and see…!

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