Hallelluia! It’s a new year!

Please note! I do not have the capability to hate you in any way if you skip over that last post (yes, that huge-gantic one under this one!) It is crazy to the shizzle long and filled with sad, sappy junk that happened to me and my family. I spent my entire New Year’s Eve writing it (for me more than anybody else). So, I just want to free you. You don’t have to sit through all the blah blah blah. You are pardoned!

Enjoy today. Eat black-eyed peas (for prosperity) and lounge with family. Snuggle them close and make a game plan to be a better you this year. That’s what my family will be doing. I can’t wait to share what we come up with. Oh, and I promise….NO. MORE. LONG. POSTS!

Oh and if you want to win something fun….go here! I know about this little gadget, IT ROCKS!!


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