I’m not talking about getting rich! I’m thinking a little deeper than that. Remember in the book of Daniel (Ch. 4) where King Nebuchadnezzar has the dream about the tree? That great big beautiful tree, the one the top touched the sky and the leaves and fruit were beautiful….yea that one! The King wanted so badly for someone to interpret that dream. I think he, like many of us had an arrogant feeling about the dream (surely it meant something wonderful for him….after all, he is deserving, right?). Plus, we already know this King had issues with thinking very highly of himself. He didn’t need God!

I love how Daniel breaks the news to him. He’s a little perplexed (maybe he was thinking…this guy is never gonna get it!) and the King says, “Ahh, come on Belteshazzar! Do not be afraid to tell me!”. Daniel then tells him, “King….it’s definitely not about your enemies! That tree? It’s you! You have seen a messenger from God and you must be warned……you are going to be cut down (just like a tree)! God has issues with you and He means business. You will be driven away from everyone, you will live in the wild with animals..eating like them and sleeping out in the dew (remember….this King lived very well and he loved himself very much). King, you will pretty much lose your mind! You will only be prosperous again when you renounce your sins by doing what is right and be kind to the oppressed.” Now, I don’t know about you…..but I would be taking this warning….pretty seriously!

We see in about 12 months…..King Nebuchadnezzar is up on the roof of his palace bragging about his great Babylon (that he’s built himself) all in his own power and glory. He is one arrogant dude! But, still as he is boasting…..a voice from heaven comes raining down on him. Repeating all that Daniel had previously warned him about. Then, you guessed it! The King is driven out, living in the wild, losing his mind, status and dignity. He eats like an animal, with the animals and looks like an animal. He was totally humiliated! He deserved it too. This all took place just as Daniel had warned. Finally, Nebuchadnezzar regains his sanity. He had felt the discipline of God and claimed praises to the Most High. He exalts and glorifies the King of heaven. Then he is restored back to full King status. Whew, what a story, huh?

I can’t help but connect with this story. Not that I’m a snobby King or a high falluting big shot. But that I need to be reminded to do the right things. Here’s a few things I get from Daniel 4.

1) Remember, I am always subject to God! No matter how powerful I may ever become here on earth. I still answer to Him.
2) Treat other’s with kindness and respect. Judging people can be an art form sometimes. I know cause I’ve done it! Even the lowliest deserves my love and care (especially the lowliest!).
3) Repent of my sins! And do it often! Don’t let sin layer on before I do something about it. Clean it up!
4) Don’t think so highly of myself. Keep a healthy perspective on who I am and to whom I belong to. Duh!
5) Obey God when He instructs me, immediately! Nuff said, huh?

Lord, thank you for your unending patience with me. I am completely aware that your grace surrounds me constantly. I praise you Father for loving me and for forgiveness you extend to me every single day. I am your child, flawed and sinful and you still love me. I love you and I commit to honor You and your sacrifice of your son Jesus with my life. Use me, mold me and make me more like You….even if it hurts. I trust You!
In Jesus name. Amen!

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