The Gameplan

For the upcoming new year (2009) my family took part in a “dad-made” survey. Each of us had 27 questions to answer that revolved around our faith and the goals we would like to reach personally and as a member of our family. Some of the questions were pretty intense and convicting. I had to dig deep and make some serious decisions regarding my faith and how I’m planning on living it out this year.

Doing this is so important. It really helped us get on the same page. Oftentimes, we lead stressful and miserable lives….all because we are all on different journeys. This helped us set some common goals and openly discuss weaknesses. Families are dwindling fast in our society. Young adults are walking away from the faith that they’ve grown up with every day. One of the most important things we as parents ever do is to give our kids the foundation (a solid one) with Christ. We can’t choose Christ for them….but we surely must lead them to Him. I am so very thankful that my kids choose Christ. They desire Him for themselves. They realize the relationship they have with God belongs to them. He is their Savior!

Sample questions:
1) What is one thing I could do this year to increase my enjoyment of God?
2) What is the single most time waster in my life? What will I do about it?
3) What single thing that I plan to do this year….will matter most in 10 years?
4) What habit would I most like to establish?
5) Whose salvation will I pray most fervently for this year?
6) Top 3 spiritual changes we need to make as a family?
7) What is the most humanly impossible thing I will ask God to do this year?
8) If someone were to give me a piece of advice….what would they say? Would they be right?
9) What is the most important way I will, by God’s grace try to make this year different than last?

Just sharing a few. We had to not only think of what matters to each of us individually but regarding each other as well. It’s not easy facing some of your failures head on. I couldn’t help but get emotional when answering some of the questions. I didn’t mention some of the very personal ones. It hurt to answer them. But I did. Each of us did. It was actually empowering. It helped each of us close the door to a very rough 2008 and to excitedly open a new door to 2009. We are pumped about what God is going to do in us and through us this year. We have always had this goal…..we want to know Him better this year than we did last year. As Christians…..we should be stronger and deeper in our faith than we were the previous year. God has instructed us to study His word and to spend time alone with Him. Are you doing that? If not, get a gameplan! Maybe write out some questions for your family to ponder. Make this the year to grow. The investment is forever……just you wait and see.

Oh…shout out! Thanks hubby for the challenge! We appreciate your leadership. We love you very much! 🙂

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