A Must Read


I’m not sure how I found her, but I’m so glad I did. One day as I was browsing around in blogworld I happened upon the sweetest blog. As I read through the posts, I found a mother….just like me only different. This mother was a warrior! She had experienced the death of not one but three of her precious children. Something I could never imagine surviving as a mom. Lynnette Kraft is an amazing person and a gifted writer. I love her sweet motherly insight on her blog…I have it linked in my blogroll so that I can sneak over anytime I want to see what she’s saying that day. She doesn’t always post everyday, but that’s ok..this lady has SIX kids! She’s busy, ya’ll!

Just before Christmas break, Lynnette blessed her readers with the opportunity to buy her book at the discounted price of $9 for a limited time. I was so excited and jumped at the offer. When I returned from Florida my book was in the mail. I started right on it. This lady has a precious story. This book made me cry, think, reflect on my own walk with God, giggle, hope, smile and fall in love with being a mom all over again. A role that I’ve always loved….but Lynnette reminded me how much I really love being a mother to my children. What a blessed calling my Lord has entrusted to me. Thank you God.

If you ever wondered about your life and your purpose, you should definitely read this book. You may find just what you’re looking for in your role as wife, mother and friend. Lynnette is open about her life in so many ways (ways that many of us would never want to share). She lets you in on details that are personal regarding her grief. I love her insight from God during her suffering…..what she learns through the study of God’s word and prayer. It’s all part of the journey. I plan to share my copy with a very dear friend….but not just yet. Hearts are still quite raw.

Thank you for writing your story. As a mother, I know that you did it in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. He shows up on every single page of your book. Your love for God and your strength to hang onto Him inspire me. So many tragedies in one mom’s life seem unreal. Yet you found a way to live victoriously and to shine for Christ in the midst of it all. What a testimony, girl! I am so glad I found you (and your blog). You are a lady that God has big plans for. He has proven that in many ways. God bless you for being the one….the one that He chose to walk the path of this heartache. You, dear sister have done so with grace and beauty that can only be from our precious Savior. My heart is so touched!

I want to say one last thing….in Ch. 11 when you’re sharing about Anna’s big vocabulary, I just cracked up. I could almost her sweet little voice, “I can’t get dis cuntwapchun to work!”. What a precious memory of a superstar little girl. Such a blessing!

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