A Woman of Influence

Tonight I’ve been reflecting on women who have influenced me. It caused me to think about my own life. Am I doing my part in that calling on my life? I have always had a passion for women. I can’t help but see what a person’s life could be. So many women are unhappy or miserable. It’s so easy to be disatisfied or disenchanted with what your life turns out like. I know this firsthand. I have found myself in that boat too. I’m perky, ya’ll! But I’m human! I, too, get bummed! Thankfully, God won’t let me stay there long and wallow. He sends His love somehow to this weary servant and I get a fresh perspective. Don’t ya just love that?

The odds were against me growing up. My mom loved me but she was not a Christian and her love was often very conditional. Depending on what good I was doing or how she was feeling at the moment was often the temperature of the love from her. She was not equipped in many ways to parent the way God expected of her. As I grew up I watched her behavior and felt sorry for her. Somehow I knew that God didn’t want me to act like that. I vowed to be a good mom….and I hope that someday, my kids will see that I tried to do just that. I wonder as I look into their eyes if they know what it could be like? Mom’s make mistakes! They fail! They fall short! I have tried to live a life that honors Christ….but many times I have failed and done so in front of my kids. God bless them for understanding forgiveness and granting it. God, you are so good!

I want to be a woman of influence. I want to inspire women to love Christ and follow Him with their whole hearts. If I had an audience of women to speak to right this moment I would tell them of some things I’ve learned along the way.

1) ABC– Accept Him, Believe He died for you, Confess your sins to Him! Be saved, sister!
2) STUDY-Read your Bible, do whatever it takes to know His word and hide it in your heart!
3) PRAY-Be a woman that spends time with God alone & quiet! Tell Him how great He is.
4) ADMIRE HIM-Be a woman of praise and adoration! Do and say things that honor him to other’s.
5) TEACH WHO HE IS TO YOUR CHILDREN-Be a woman that teaches who Jesus is and tell them how He loves them.
6) LOVE-Love other’s with a God-like love. Try to see them through His eyes (ours are very flawed).
7) FORGIVE-Just do it! People are going to hurt you, especially ones that you love. Let go of hurts! They will only cripple you and make you useless to God and the big picture.
8) LAUGH-Be happy about who you are in this world. God doesn’t make mistakes. When you’re tempted to be bummed or depressed….find a friend that makes you smile and hang on for dear life. It will pass!
9) BE A TEACHABLE PERSON-Nobody likes a Know-it-all! I’ve been known to be a bit knowy! Yes, it’s true! I have learned some valuable things from some very unsuspecting people. Thank you God. You are so wise!
10) LIVE LIKE YOU WERE DYING-Not just you…but the one’s you love. Your perspective seems to change. What if you never saw them again? Say what you want them to know today. Don’t hold it back.
11) TRUST GOD COMPLETELY-Don’t just say that you do. Really live as if you do. He is capable of handling everything. So let Him.

Proverbs 31:29-30 “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all. Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman that fears the Lord is to be praised.”

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