Loooong Weekend


Everybody within a 3 state distance knows that I like me some days off. It’s been glorious having a three-day weekend. Unplanned of course! On Friday, the temperature was so low…..-4 to be exact….that we ended up with a no school day. It seems one of the elementary schools couldn’t get the heat on. So, NO SCHOOL! On a Friday?!?!! Woohoo, yeehaw! Yahoo! We took total advantage of it. We stayed home and hibernated!

Tomorrow is another story. It seems as though…we have to actually get up and get going. Absurd! The Nerve of those people! I am not one “to give an inch to” (you know that old…she’ll take a mile thing?). I get way too used to a good thing. Snow delay’s and day’s off…..totally warm my heart. I don’t care that my kids are all up in my business. I actually like having them around. They’re my people! We like home! It’s where the heart is, right?

We’ve had a great day today. Gavin’s girlfriend, Allison and Ally’s boyfriend, Tyler both came early this morning to go with us to the country church hubby preaches for an hour away. We surprised the congregation by filling up a few pews. They love it when we come out with him. It’s a sweet church. We came back home and feasted on baked spagetti, salad and garlic bread. If you have teenager’s then you know…..movies were next, and ballgames on tv. Then more food! The process just repeats itself. Until you make them all go home and yours go to bed. Ahh, the joys of being a mama. I just love it!

As I’m typing…I see the ground is blanketed with fresh snow. Maybe just maybe we’ll get a little delay in the morning. I could use some extra winks. How about you? If not, enjoy your Monday. Make it a point to smile and be happy (remember, there’s always someone worse off than you……REALLY). Don’t forget to let God work through you…..matter of fact, ask Him specifically to do just that. Scary, huh? I challenge you to offer yourself up to God and his service this week. There’s no better place to be…..than in His care.

1 John 5:15 “And if we know that He hears us–whatever we ask–we know that we have what we asked of him”.

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