I am in love with giveaway’s….of course! Who isn’t, right? I have won some great things lately. Yesterday I won a book from Tim Challies blog. This morning I was notified that I won $25 to spend at Homestead Originals (yay, candles…yum!!). Thank you, Momma and More! So, it’s the least I can do to share some hot happening giveaway’s going on out there. Enjoy my sweet bloggy friends! I hope you win something wonderful!

THE cutest chicBuds ever! Over at Seeryus Mama’s blog. Ends 2/11

You’re gonna love this one! A flip camera!!!! Yes, IT’S AWESOME!! Over at Craftymama of 4! Ends 2/15

Who doesn’t need a beauty fix? Here’s your chance to win one! Go to Bionic Beauty and enter now! Ends 2/20

If you are a lady with a purse…then you must enter this contest! It’s a FUMI! It’s over at A Little Bliss! Ends 2/13

Who wants to look skinny??? Go here….and enter to win the Slim-perfect giveaway. Wow! Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls has more stuff to look at too. Ends 2/14

I love pHisoderm….like mad. This giveaway is for Baby pHisoderm. Woohoo! Love it! Her blog is so cute too. Ends 2/14 NOTE: this is two contests…two prizes. Click both to enter.

Oh to live in luxury! This giveaway….Bedroom Bliss is definitely luxurious! Hurry over to SITS and enter. Ends ?? Not sure!

Win a trip to Blogher 09 in Chicago this summer! Yes, you heard me. Go see Mabel’s Labels and she’ll tell you how to enter. Goodluck! I hope to go myself! Winning would surely be the cat’s meow! Ends 2/9 HURRY!
I’ll be posting a bit about this conference tomorrow. I really need a ticket….so I have to enter ya’ll!

That’s plenty to keep you busy. I wish you some serious good luck! If you win…let me know. I love to see good things happen to people. God bless you this week. I pray it’s a great one! Our snow is finally melting! Yeehaw!

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