Mabel’s Labels ’09 BlogHer Contest

I have been dying to go to this conference! It is the JACKPOT of conferences! BlogHer 09 is going to be held in Chicago this summer (July 24-25). Anybody who is anybody……is going to be there! I need to meet these people! So, here’s my flippin sweet entry to win a trip there! Wish me luck, ya’ll!

What have been the rewards and benefits of participating in the blogging community?

Great question, Mabel’s Labels! I have been a closet writer for years. In my heart, I have a dream to write a good book! Maybe someday, I will! My husband introduced me to the idea of blogging more than a year ago. At the time…I was clueless. I would shoot him down and change the subject. By April of 08, I was on my way into the blogosphere! Baby, I’ve never looked back!

Blogging has helped me “find my voice”. Which isn’t easy to do. I like writing about my family and about my faith. Blogging has allowed me to do both and invite reader’s into my world because of it. Now that’s a pretty sweet perk.

Blogging has helped me “find new and exciting friends”. Wow, what a great connection maker. There are so many wonderful people out there, blogging! I have grown as a person, mom, wife and blogger because of the great and brilliant bloggers out there.

Blogging has helped me “find the confidence to shoot for my dream”. That book idea? Doesn’t scare me as much anymore thanks to blogging. I can write daily and the feedback I receive blows my mind! And it encourages me to go farther. I heart you blogging!

Blogging has helped me “get stuff”. I have received so many things through blogging. Prizes, books to review, ideas for home, marriage helps, clothing, and so much more. Who wouldn’t find that beneficial?

I’ve influenced other friend’s to start blogs. All because of my love affair with blogging. It’s one of the best mom networks out there. I hope to keep on blogging for a long time. 🙂

For more information about this rockin contest….please go here to Mabel’s Labels and find out.

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