Too sick to care

I am not a sickly type person. But last night as I was trying to post on here….I was feeling weird. I thought I was having an asthma attack. Which I haven’t had in forever. By the time I woke up this morning my chest was so congested that I felt like it was caving in. The pressure was intense and the feeling to cough was obnoxious. It was like a dry painful cough. I wasn’t sure if I should stay home or just push through. I pushed on and went to work.

By the time I get to school, Gavin is calling me to say….he has to leave. He feels so bad that he wants to go home and croak. I meet him at my desk and we head down to the nurse so I can sign him out. He looks rotten when I see him. I know he has to feel pretty bad for him to want to go back home (we hadn’t even made it to first period yet). He heads home and tries to sleep it off. He comes back in for AP Physics last period of the day. Still feeling like garbage….he even stays for Hello Dolly practice. By the time he makes it back….he falls on the couch and sends text messages to me upstairs begging for meds. Poor kid….I’m not much help as I have by this time fallen into my own bed to croak. We’re pathetic! Don’t come over.

Hubby doesn’t make it home until after 8pm. No one can help themselves by this point. We all feel sick and tired. He passes out pills and now we are all going to bed. It’s no fun getting sick. I am not a good sick person. I’m too busy to stop and be sick. I have a ton of things to do all the time. I feel bad feeling bad! Crazy huh? So, enough whining for me. I just wanted to say…..I’m sick. It feels like junk! I hope to sleep it off….but with chest congestion….that’s not likely to happen. That usually gets worse while you sleep. 🙁

Here’s to hoping you are healthy and well. Stay away from anyone coughing or wiping their noses. These people are germ monsters and they will try to kill you! Beware! 🙂 Oh….and WASH YOUR HANDS!!!! Please?

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