Victory for the Cougars!!

I must admit….winning feels awesome! Tonight’s sectional game was intense! I was really nervous for Tyler and his team. These games are a big deal and it’s easy to get overly anxious and make mistakes. The first half of the game was neck and neck. Nerve wracking! I couldn’t see either (bad seats)….we were running late. You don’t do that at a sectional game where 4 different teams have packed the house with fans people. We vowed to leave extra early for tomorrow nights game. I want to see every second. I’m so excited! Woohoo!

So….here’s a little snippet of Tyler#15 working it!
Final South Decatur 59 Shawe 51

Tyler @ Sectional South vs. Shawe from Wanda Staton Galloway on Vimeo.

Sorry…if this is jumpy…I’m not sure why it’s doing that. 🙁

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