Post-o Randomness!

I’m feeling all over the place today. I’ve been insulted by two of my kids (don’t ya just love teenagers?…..I know I do), argued with my husband and done two weeks worth of grocery shopping today. I’m worn thin! I wish it were bedtime already. But since it’s not….I’m gonna blog for my sanity!

This past week we did a little shopping online (Ally and I). We stumbled upon what we hope will be a “keeper” dress for the prom. We planned to shop during our spring break week for the special occasion, but….. We couldn’t let this deal get past us. Besides, if this isn’t THE dress…we can take it back. Yes, I am the “take back” queen! Don’t judge me! 🙂

Gavin is in a quandary. He has his own prom and Allison’s to contend with. He’s willing to forgo his own to attend hers. His logic? He’s been every year for the last 3 years to JCHS’s prom. Allison is pretty special and she’s a senior too….going to hers would be fun for him as well as her. He loves her friends and it wouldn’t kill him to miss out hanging with his own classmates. Both proms are a week apart. So double renting a tux is his concern. I spoke with the lady at the tux store and she has a limited amount of in-house tuxedo’s that she rents out just for this sort of problem. So, anything can happen. We’ll just see.

Me….I’ll be at the prom either way. I work as a ticket taker/greeter every year. I love seeing the students all dressed up and excited as they enter the event. They are so nervous (many are on a date for the very first time) and feel awkward all dressed up. It’s a great night!

Now about bedtime….for the last few weeks I’ve spent Sunday night laying in bed AWAKE until the wee hours of the morning (that would be MONDAY morning!!!). I have to get up and work on Monday morning. I cannot sleep in since I missed some much needed rest the night before. It’s part of the whole “being responsible” thing. So, tonight…I’m hoping for some REST! I want to close my eyes and sleep like a baby so I don’t have to wake up and act like one tomorrow! 🙂

Can it be??? We’ll see!

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