She’s Sweet Sixteen

I really thought she was a boy! Each time I went in for an ultrasound…there was something amiss and no one could say for sure if it was a boy or girl. So disappointing! I really wanted to know. It wasn’t until March 17th 1993 that I would find out she was all girl. A beautiful 9lb. 6 1/4oz fat girl. I remember how she looked the first time I saw her. She was mad (something I would see a bit more of) and crying. Her lips were so thick and perfect. I couldn’t wait to hold her and make her into my girl. She was more wonderful than I could’ve imagined. That’s how I feel about her still today. To celebrate her special day today….I thought I’d share 16 things about my Ally!

1–She is very girly! We used to call her cheerleader girl because she was so prissy and insistent on staying in perfect condition.
2–She loves going shopping. That runs in her bloodline. All the women in her family love it too.
3–She’s a Starbucks/coffee shop-a-holic. She loves yummy drinks and doesn’t like sharing.
4–Her favorite food is FAST food! She would eat out for all of her meals if I let her.
5–She is very talented. Her voice is beautiful and she is a great actress and dancer.
6–Underneath her tough girl persona…..she’s sensitive and soft. Her heart is very tender.
7–She loves Jesus. She loves to journal and write out her thoughts (like her mama).
8–Her favorite musical ever is Wicked! She’s dreaming of going to see it someday.
9–She loves the world of politics. She’s grown up in the most conservative family. Her dream would be to work in that area someday.
10–Music is her passion. All kinds. She is always singing.
11–She loves to give and receive gifts. It’s one of her love languages.
12–She loves a good backscratch! The more the merrier! Oh and if you’ll sing while you’re doing it …that is even better.
13–She really likes one on one attention from her parents. Sharing with siblings can be hard sometimes.
14–She is so funny! This runs in her bloodline too. I laugh at her sense of humor and she can think up the craziest stuff.
15–She’s so good at working with children. Little kids really like her. Big kids do too. 🙂
16–She is so beautiful! From the moment I met her I thought she was extraordinarily pretty.

I can’t believe how fast sixteen years has flown by. It just seems like yesterday she was a baby. I feel so blessed to be her mama. These next few years are going to go by pretty fast too. I am learning to let her fail and make her own mistakes. Something I’d rather not do. I love her and want the best for her. I pray God will rule her life with love and mercy and that she would allow him to do so.

Ally, I have loved being your mom. Every single day that you’ve been in my life you have made it better. When I look at you…I see how much God loves me. He picked me to be your mom. For that I am forever thankful. I hope you have a fantastic day and feel loved and cherished everywhere you go.

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