Look out Nascar…here she comes!

Today was not only the big “sweet sixteen” birthday….it was also take the driver’s permit test day. She really wanted to have today’s date on her permit license….you know so people would know and all. The only problem with all that is…she didn’t really know the book enough. So dear old dad picked her up from school at 10:00am and took her home to go on a crash course training lesson.

It worked! The birthday girl passed! Yay! Now she can drive “legally” while we are out and about. In September she can get her regular operator’s license. This will surely be the big thrill…..as you know most teenagers are ready to grow up all at once and all. We are praying that her driving skills and maturity level reach what it takes to actually make that next driving step. She’s sorta special to us….we just want her safe in everyway. For now, we appreciate Gavin and Tyler who haul her around on a pretty regular basis without complaining. Thank you to two of the sweetest guys I know.

Going in to take the test! (THANKS DAD!!! You are the BEST!!)

UPDATE:The prom dress arrived today too. IT. IS. GORGEOUS!!!! It fits perfectly. Maybe needs a slight bit of hemming. But it is THE dress! The picture doesn’t do it justice.

Ally, we love you so much! Happy Birthday beautiful girl. We are proud of you.

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