Life with dogs

I like to think we’re a fairly normal family. I know that we have some “quirks” that make us a little different than most other families. But there are things that we have in common with the people around us. Our pets may not be it though. We have some wacky dogs! I mean it….both of them are a hoot for different reasons.

Maggie our older dog is what I would describe as the queen of my double wide trailer (if I had one that is). She is huge! We bought her from the breeder that blessed us with our beloved black lab Molly in 2001. Molly was the most amazing dog. She loved guns, dove hunting birds, soccer balls and her family. She was killed by a motorcycle in front of our house driven by two unlicensed badguys! They were driving at a high rate of speed and could have died themselves from the crash. We loved her so much and knew that we could rely on the bloodline of that breeder to come through again. So we took another shot and bought a sister from another litter.

I’d say JACKPOT! This girl is the sweetest thing. She is the neighborhood dog. Every single neighbor loves her and feeds her. Many of them invite her in for a rest or a treat daily. I’M NOT KIDDING! She has the full figure to prove it. The lady is LARGE! She’s about 8 1/2 years old now and blind in both eyes. She runs into just about everything….but you won’t ever hear this girl complain. Her attitude is stellar! If happiness is measurable by a dog’s behavior…she wins the Miss Congeniality award. She is always happy to see know we are home. She runs out to greet us in our driveway, but we have to stop to let her get around our cars so we don’t run over her….she can’t see us! 🙂 Hubby thought he could weigh the big kahuna….the scales showed error. She’s easily 150lbs. (yes….we are embarrassed by that…and yes we know how UNHEALTHY it is….but you come tell all these neighbors to stop feeding her!). We realize our time with her is limited, she’s old, blind and obese….but she’s really happy.

Then we have the psycho dog. Lizzy is a complete freak of an animal (she would certainly be more in line with our family). She is a peachy colored miniature poodle. We purchased her in a fit of craziness. Ally had been asking for a pink poodle on every wish list since she was born. We were weak, people! We’ve been suffering the consequences ever since. This dog is all attitude! She’s bossy, obnoxious, high-need, jealous, annoying, selfish/piggy, playful, protective, very smart and incredibly loyal. One thing that drives us all crazy about her is her infatuation with me. She is addicted to the mama. I can’t get away from her, ever. And I don’t even like her that much. I love her…but….I like my freedom. Hence the fact I’m not nursing the offspring any longer. I’m free! This dog bugs me till I let her tag along. Pest!

Both of them are spoiled and well cared for. They are living the lives of royalty. They spend the day “resting” inside all day while we are out and about in the real world. When we arrive back home they are so excited to see us back where we belong. It’s a great feeling to be loved that much. Neither of them EVER complain! They’re content just having us around to love and sit with. I appreciate that about them. Having them to love is a sweet blessing (alot of work…but still). I’m reminded how simple life should be. Dogs don’t rush around stressed out. They take it easy….they rest….they love….they give attention to where it’s needed most. I want to be more like that. So, I’m slowing down and chilling out more. Starting now! Gotta run, it’s naptime! 🙂
Me and my dog girls!


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