Can I just say……the President and his Hollywood lifestyle is driving me insane? Is anybody else feeling like this? What in tarnation? Why do I keep seeing him at the craziest places? At NBA games sucking down brewskies (as if he’s just left the office to catch the game)…..now tonight he’s a guest on Jay Leno!!!! Jumpin Jehoshaphat! Give me a break. How can security keep up with him?

People, I am praying for the guy. I hope you are too. He’s out there (mentally as well as physically) and I am seriously concerned. It just irks me! It’s official…this presidency is like none other! What’s next? A segment on MTV’s Cribs? Obama Up In Da WHITE House? At this point, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Get real!

Our fearless leader and President! Appalling!

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