New York City….Here They Come!


Well, today was departure day. The Jazz Band & Swing Choir left for the big city of New York. They were so excited! Heck, I was so excited and I’m not even going. They will be driving all night and arrive early Sunday morning just in time to crowd around the Today show (hoping for some tv attention!). Yes, we have tivo all set just in case. 🙂

Getting ready for the trip was a wee bit stressful. Why? I have no idea. But the entire family had emotions off the scales. Everyone was snappy and short. By the time we were leaving the house to take him to the school, he was a wreck. I guess everyone was nervous. Darn that satan for trying his best to ruin a good day! But we didn’t let him have it all.

I forgot to take a picture of Gavin’s trip shirt. The entire group received a cool shirt with the NYC skyline on the front and a personalized name on the back. What did my sweetboy’s say? BIRTHDAY BOY! No, it’s not his birthday. When I asked him why it said that….he smiled real big and said….”I’m getting some free dessert SOMEWHERE!!!”. Oh so creative, my boy! I have told you he’s pre-med, right? He’s such a fun kid! I just love him!

Here’s a departure shot as they left North Vernon, Indiana.

Bye bye, Sweetboy! Enjoy your trip to the big city. Sing and play your heart out! We’re so happy for you!

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