Oh the music never ends…

Last weekend was the big performance by Una Voce (Gates middle school show choir) at our local Park Theatre downtown. It was fabulous! I would’ve posted all about it when it happened except vimeo and my computer were not behaving nor were they getting along enough to successfully upload the videos. Temperamental little boogers!

The group brought down the house with their sweet dance moves and great singing talent. Mrs. Thompson is not afraid to step out and get funky! I love her enthusiasm and her cool song picks. She’s got a great personality and it show’s in her choices of music as well as in her students. They seem to love showing it all off.

Here’s a video of Gates singing the first solo in Footloose. The lighting doesn’t seem to be right, sorry! But you can still hear her great voice. You will have to watch her closely….she dances around. Towards the end of the song she’s the one on the far right.

Untitled from Wanda Staton Galloway on Vimeo.

Great job, Gates! We are so proud of you. You’re a great kid and you can sing and dance too! We love you!

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