Scholarships are in the air….


It is crunch time! We have been procrastinating working hard on filling out every single scholarship we can get our hands on. Sweetboy needs the money, ya’ll! He’s going to be in college a. very. long. time. His education is very important….ok everybody’s education is very important. But his is first on my list right now. It’s my first taste of college with my own offspring. He doesn’t quite have the realness of what it’s going to cost to finish a medical degree. However, he can see a really hot car far off in his “graduated” future. 🙂 Boys! That’s how they think, you know? Divide and conquer. Oh but the blood, sweat and tears that it will take. Hmmm.

As we have sat filling out and talking over essay questions we’ve come across some really cool scholarships. No matter what you can think up….there’s most likely some money being given away for it. I think that is so cool. But, how easy is it to actually get selected? We’ve just been notified in our school this week of the local and very coveted Lilly Scholarship recipients. Our community only gives out two and they are all the buzz for weeks as we wait patiently to hear..WHO?? This scholarship pays for everything for four years. We were so excited when they announced one of this year’s Lilly scholar’s was one of my son’s closest friends. So cool! He really deserved it, too. Congrats to you Ronnie! We celebrate with you!

It’s almost time to wrap this final school year up. His future is opening right before our very eyes. We are so excited to watch as he moves forward. We have loved raising him. He’s been such a good boy. I know I say all good things about him when I talk about him….but it’s because it really is true. He is a great person with admirable integrity. Something I will forever be proud of.

Now we wait. We pray. We give it all over to God. If God wants him to have any funds from scholarships…..He will. We trust Him either way.

Do you think I’ll have to call him Dr. Galloway if I’m ever his patient? Oh …. probably not! Sweetboy will have to do. Goodluck, son.

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