Bow The Knee

I’ve been busy this weekend. That’s just how I roll. I like it that way. Saturday night was the final Taste of Sweet Sounds event for my Sweetboy. We happily attended that yummy performance (The catering is off the charts delicious! Thanks AJ). The Jazz Band played throughout our entire dinner which lasted around two hours. When Gavin made it home, he said his lips and mouth were completely numb. He plays the heck out of the euphonium. I just thought I’d jazz that up a bit….did it sound as amazing as I’d hoped it would? Good. He really does make that baby sing. More jazzing…just work with me. It’s late!

Sunday evening we scored some tickets (it had been a sold-out free event for almost a week) for our church Easter cantata held at the local Park Theatre. I know why. God wanted us to be there. We left blessed. The performers were awesome! The music was beautiful. The story never gets old. And my heart really needed it. I found myself crying at the strangest times. It was one of the best presentations of what it must have been like following Jesus. I am so proud of my fellow church members who made this happen. These people have worked very hard and it really showed. I loved it! Thanks FBC Choir and many supporting actors.

Enjoy a few photo’s of the two evenings. I hope your Monday is going fabulous! Remember, this is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. I’m just sayin! Be happy!

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