Crazy Times

I’ve been watching the news a little tonight and as usual it’s bad news everywhere you turn. We have an American cargo ship that has been taken over by pirates out in the Indian Ocean (first time in over 200 years that any American ship has been hijacked). As I’m typing the military big dogs have arrived on the scene and are hopefully going to take some serious action. May we lift this captain up to God that he would be safe and rescued very soon.

A sweet little girl is captured on surveillance video skipping along the street in what appears to be her neighborhood. But the scene is surreal to watch because the news that follows is that this is the last known whereabouts of this child. Until now, her murdered body has been recovered not too far away. Such horror! Why?

Then I watch as the President shares his lack of intelligence once again by telling the world “America is not a Christian nation”. Nothing he says or does surprises me. He is zinging out some of the craziest stuff and liberals all over our country are praising him and eating it up. They cannot stop mentioning what a mess that George W. Bush singlehandedly caused for all of America. Yea, it’s all his fault! Duh! Everyday I pray that Jesus comes back soon. I’m ready, are you?

Friends, we have to pray for our nation. We must bathe this country and it’s leaders in prayer every single day. Our very lives are depending on it. Where are we heading? What is going to happen next? These days are just getting crazier and crazier. Our God can redeem all that sin smears with it’s ugliness. But we have to seek Him….together.
It’s truly crazy times!

One of the greatest news channel’s out there?! Fox News.

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