Would you like a spot of tea?

If you’ve been anywhere near a tv then certainly you’ve heard the hoopla over the Tax Day Tea Parties all over the country. Yea, those! I have to give it to those who’ve taken time to attend and speak their hearts. Even with the criticism from the media and left in our free USA. Who is surprised by that? Not me!

I’ve heard we on the conservative right are being referred to as “radicals” and “extremist”. Isn’t that funny? If you stand up and say anything about how the government is conducting business….you’re a radical?! Oh my! It is such a jaded predicament.

I spent the day working in order to be paid a check that my family heavily relies upon. We have been touched in many ways by this economy. In one, by unemployment for four long months and another by paying out the wazooski in taxes. They still want their money even if you don’t have a job. Which only seems fair, right? But to watch our government blow through trillions of dollars for outrageous reasons is more than this conservative can stand. By the looks of the Tea Parties….many more Americans are ticked off too.

I say, God bless em! Good for them for speaking up and saying what they feel passionate about. I also say shame on you….liberal left and media who scream and shout that these folks are extremist! What a tactic! I like what Glenn Beck said….They can’t attack the message, so I guess they have to target the messenger. Brilliant!

Remember that old saying, “We’ve come a long way baby?”. Well, it’s changed a bit these days. We’ve got a long way to go, seems a little more fitting. Hang on…fellow Americans, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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