25 Years!

This week I was chatting online in the magical world of Facebook with some old friends…….our class reunion came up. Someone mentioned our 25th reunion……like the details of it. I was thinking in my own mind, huh? What? It hasn’t been that long yet. Uhhhm, well….yea it has! June of 1984 seems like yesterday. I started counting on my fingers and toes just to prove my point and came up with that absurd number, 25! Where did all the time go? I mean, I’m still dealing with my first-born and his upcoming high school graduation (June 6, 2009). How can I even think of facing all those other 42-43 year old classmates that I haven’t seen in a coon’s age? I immediately thought, I better start jogging! I don’t look like I did at 97 lbs. with all body parts still in the right position. 🙂

Time is fleeting! I don’t feel like I’ve lived an adulthood of 25 years already. I’ve been a little busy raising some rockin cool kids and loving a great husband. I haven’t spent much time counting down the years. I’ve just lived them…..hopefully in a way that pleases God. He has been the focal point in all that I’ve been doing during these years. It’s been an honor too. I love my life and it’s because of God that I have it. So, thank you Lord.

I don’t know what will happen this year (regarding my reunion). If one is pulled together back home, I would love to go. Even looking like I’m someone’s mom…..I don’t care. I’m not going for a beauty contest. I just want to connect and share in the joy of the people that I grew up with. I want to see where they’ve been in life and what God has done for them. Mostly, I want to share what He’s done in mine. It’s worth talking about!

I love this song by Brandon Heath. While I don’t have someone particular that I needed to forgive….the message of not being who I used to be is awesome. Because I’m not who I was. I was so young and naive. I was selfish, immature and totally goofed up back then. I made stupid choices and I compromised myself and my faith. Something that I truly regret. Mostly, because of the witness that I was. A pathetic one. I would love the chance to show…..I’m not who I was!

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