Hello Dolly

It was FANTASTIC! Hello Dolly, that is. If I didn’t know they were all high school teenagers performing in last night’s musical….you would’ve had a hard time convincing me they weren’t professionals. They were amazing! The audience was mesmerized and rightly so. Dolly was played by Gretchen Reece a junior in our school. Big giant kuddo’s out to you, Gretch! You rocked it girl! This morning over pancakes we were discussing the whole show and decided that every person was cast exactly where they belonged. Just incredible! Mrs. Wildey and crew you did a fantastic job with this musical. All that practice and hard work really paid off. We thoroughly enjoyed it (especially with two of our teens in it!). Great job, Gavin! And Ally…..you were terrific too!

Gavin & Ariel Rudicel (Ambrose Kemper & Ermangarde Vandergelder)

The whole cast before the judge!

Enjoy….it’s a bit shaky.

Hello Dolly from Wanda Staton Galloway on Vimeo.

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