Have you heard?

Sunday night…I caught the last few minutes of the Miss USA pageant. I sat down right when Miss California was asked that very controversial question. You know the one….the one about gay marriage being legalized! What an inappropriate question! I was so mad then and I’m even madder now.

I knew the second I heard it …. it was meant to discredit anyone who disagreed with the “judge” asking the question. Well, if you haven’t heard by now….Perez Hilton has trashed Miss California to the media and even called her a dumb B—H! Nice, huh? Classy too! What a doof! God bless Miss CA! She has since spoken out about her faith! Yay, for her! What a sweet girl and obviously one with some Christ-like morals and values! I’m so glad she stood strong and answered in an honest way. She may catch some flack (and by the looks of the mean stuff…she is) but God is going to reward her for her faith. Woohoo, to you Miss Runner Up! You blessed me, girl!

Note to self: Do NOT be afraid to speak out for Christ! Even if you’re on tv competing for MISS USA !!!!! 🙂

Miss California Carrie Prejean

If you’re the slightest bit interested in seeing Perez Hilton show his shocking response to Miss California’s answer. Go to YouTube!

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