Another last…

Tonight was a hot night! Not temperature-wise…it’s crazy cold again here in Indiana. It was one of those two kids having different event nights. Gavin’s last Band Spring Concert was at 7:00 and Gates was selected to compete in her school’s academic bowl at 6:30. Oh what to do? We did what any family could do….we split up! Dad went with Gates and Ally and I went to Gavin’s concert. Everything worked out great though, Dad and Gates came into the concert about 20 minutes into the first part. The results of Academic Bowl? Gates team came in last earning 11 points with the champs winning with 18. She had fun and it was a great experience for her. We are proud! Very proud of both of them! Gavin–we’ve enjoyed watching you perform in all your band concerts! You’ve got talent, dude!

The cutest Baritone player ever!

They may have lost…but they sure looked cute!

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